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Tick Bite Package - medium

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The medium package for tick bites. The tick bite package from Kasimir & Lieselotte contains the following products:

  • 500 ml teasel tincture/teasel herb spirit

  • 200 grams cat's claw tea

  • 200 ml cat's claw tincture

  • 200 ml one year aged wormwood tincture

  • 100 grams jiaogulan herb

Tick Bite Package Medium

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Our products are used primarily for the treatment of the disease due to certain properties that they contain. The disease itself is complex and can often elicit several side effects such as rheumatism or arthritis. As a result, it’s not possible to address all of these symptoms with a single plant. The human body is also further weakened by the following factors:

  •  Heavy metals embedded in the body
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Lack of sleep
  • Psychological and physical trauma
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Medication which suppresses the immune system
  • Chronic diseases
  • Among others

Heavy metals interfere with important processes in the body and as a result can trigger serious illnesses. A poor diet introduces a number of harmful chemicals into the body which inevitably weakens the immune system and causes general malaise.

On the basis of this we can conclude that there are different triggers which can compound one another, resulting in a specific syndrome. This is exactly the case with Lyme disease. The onset of the disease may be caused by a contamination of heavy metals, physical trauma or other chronic illnesses. The precise reason is often not immediately identifiable. It’s crucial that one doesn’t rely on a single remedy. Instead, a combination of treatments is needed to eliminate the disease.

 At Kasimir & Lieselotte, we have developed our tick bite package to bring you closer to the combined benefits of our products. Wolf Dieter Storl recommended the application of natural remedies, including cat's claw and the jiaogulan herb, as a method of curing disease in his book..

 We also consider regular sweating sessions as an indispensable part of the treatment process. These sweating cures include not only sauna sessions, but also consciously taking longer and warmer baths at home. Inducing hyperthermia doesn’t only weaken harmful pathogens, it also promotes detoxification in the body through intense sweating.

 It’s not news that maintaining a healthy diet plays an important role in combating disease. Nevertheless, the following advice should be considered.

  1.  People suffering from Lyme disease should avoid rich and heavy foods, as a stressed intestinal-lymphatic system can cause a temporary suppression of the immune system.
  2. It’s recommended to eat more in the morning, and less in the evening. In the morning, the body is able to digest food faster and better. Meals should decrease in their carbohydrate content throughout the day.
  3. Sugary drinks and food should be consumed in moderation. The same applies to starchy foods such as flour products, rice and potatoes.
  4. One should generally consume more vegetables than fruit because fruit has a high fructose content. Accordingly, fruit should be consumed only in small portions through the course of the day.

Our third recommendation applies generally to anyone with a Lyme infection. Try to perform some sort of physical exercise every day, even if you have only limited mobility. This can be a short walk, or perhaps something more intense. If you’re feeling up to it, try to exercise all of your body parts. Good circulation is the foundation of a strong immune system.

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