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Moringa Capsules 100 pieces

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Our Moringa-Capsules contain grounded Moringa leaves of the highest quality, encapsulated in 100% certified organic celluloses. To ensure the highest possible quality, we obtain our Moringa plants exclusively from farmers who meet our high expectations regarding quality. It is essential to us that all plants are produced sustainably and according to organic standards, as well as in adherence to fair working conditions.


Moringa oleifera 

Moringa belongs to the family of Moringacea. Counting only 13 known species, it is a rather small plant family. The individual species vary significantly in appearance, though. One may find bushes and trees with bulbous roots, as well as succulent types with wide stems. The plant family includes some highly specialized species, which have adapted to survive in extremely dry areas. Furthermore, members of the Moringacea family produce significant amounts of mustard oil glycosides. This ingredient causes their typical horseradish-like taste. Moringa oleifera (

Moringa oleifera (also referred to as Moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or benzoil tree has gained widespread attention in the past years. 

The different amount of positive properties of the plant’s different tissues (roots, leaves, and seeds) are remarkable. It proved that Moringa seeds may be used to eliminate bacteria and aerosols from water. Within a few seconds, bacteria and aerosols sink to the ground of the water, leaving it clear and drinkable. Therefore, Moringa seeds have the potential to grant numerous people in third world countries access to drinkable water. Another remarkable trait was revealed by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The study compared the ability to kill bacteria of ground Moringa leaves and soap, revealing that ground Moringa can keep up the with the cleaning effect of regular soaps.

Recently, Moringa oleifera trees have been planted to serve as primary source of nutrition in some tropical countries. Moringa trees offer noticeable amounts of protein, vitamins (A, B, and C), as well as valuable minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron). Their cultivation may therefore counteract malnutrition in several regions. 

Compared to 100 g of the following, Moringa oleifera provides: 

  • 7,3-times as much vitamin C as oranges
  • 3,6-times as much calcium as milk (of cows)
  • 3,5-times as much vitamin A as carrots, and approximately 
  • 3-times as much potassium as bananas. 

The cultural development of the human being is closely connected to the knowledge of the effects and powers of plants and herbs. Humans have been gathering this knowledge over thousands of years and passed it on from one generation to another. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team wants to be a part of this transfer of knowledge to preserve this heritage. European regulations prohibit that we inform our customers on all aspects and effects of our products. Therefore, we would like to ask you to also search the internet and scientific literature to obtain a full picture of mother nature’s healing powers. Your naturopath will surely be happy to assist you in this matter. If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by phone or email. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team


 Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage:

To maintain or for preventive purposes, we recommend the following to be taken permanently: 

Take one teaspoon of Moringa Powder. Frequency: Twice per day (morning and evening).


Take two Moringa Capsules. Frequency: Twice per day (morning and evening).  

The treatment may be supplemented with Moringa Tea at any point in time. 

Ingredients: Moringa-leave powder, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Keep out of reach of children.

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