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Intestine Cleansing Cure Course individual

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The overall Intestine Cleansing Cure Course of Kasimir & Lieselotte were composed with utmost care for your wellbeing. This cure treatment combines gentle intestine care of Psyllium husks, and at the same time offers a stabilization of the intestinal flora with the help of probiotic bacteria. Additionally, the cure treatment contains natural extracts, that support liver and kidney in their natural function, as well as supplying minerals and vitamins to the body. All our products are manufactured according to ecological and organic regulations, and are processed in our manufacture.  

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Our Intestine Cleansing Cure Course includes:

Flora Equilibrium Powder: 

Our Flora Equilibrium Powder is the main part of our intestine cleansing course. It is taken by dissolving it in water and has a pleasant, mineral taste. The Psyllium husks‘ capability to swell creates a bile-like, fiber-rich viscose compound, which passes through the intestinal organs like a sponge. Additionally, Flora Equilibrium contains a combination of natural extracts of Curcuma, milk thistle husks, cat’s claw, and Artemisia annua. This combination supports the liver and kidneys in their natural function. Flora Equilibrium is also available as individual product.  


Zeolite is a high-quality volcanic mineral capable of adsorbing heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Zeolite itself is not metabolized. We test our zeolite for contamination with regard to heavy metals and environmental pollutants. Currently, this valuable material is used as binding agent in pharmaceutical products, as feed supplement for animals, and as flow aids (E567 and E568) in the EU. It is not permitted for ingestion for humans. 


(Probiotic enterobacteria) Our synbiotics support establishing a balanced flora of intestine. It supplies the intestinal flora with probiotic bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. 

“MITOsynbiotika is a certified organic probiotic and prebiotic MITObiomedical formula. We decided to add it to our intestine cleansing because of its composition, quality, and the organic manufacturing process. It is intended to optimize and maximize intestinal health, as well as enhancing its capability to process nutrition with its 13 supplemental microorganisms of 30 billion probiotic organisms. These organisms are resistant to gastric and gallic acids.

Prebiotic inulin does not only support digestion, it also helps restoring the intestinal mucosa and supports the immune system. Above that, the microorganisms are composed to interact and take synergetic effect together.

The following microorganisms are included:

Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium infantis, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum, 

Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus delbrueckii susp. Bulgaricus, 

Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, 

Lactobacillus salivarius, Streptococcus thermophilus."  

Organic Multivitamins 

As a cure course requires drinking higher amounts of water, the body has to be supplied with new vitamins and minerals. We have included our Organic-Multivitamin Capsules to take care of this. They include extracts of propolis, wheatgrass, barley grass, and goji berries.  


Cure Course Description

A detailed cure course description for your Intestine Cleansing Cure Course of 8 weeks will be included in your package. 


The cultural development of the human being is closely connected to the knowledge of the effects and powers of plants and herbs. Humans have been gathering this knowledge over thousands of years and passed it on from one generation to another. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team wants to be a part of this transfer of knowledge to preserve this heritage. European regulations prohibit that we inform our customers on all aspects and effects of our products. Therefore, we would like to ask you to also search the internet and scientific literature to obtain a full picture of mother nature’s healing powers. Your naturopath will surely be happy to assist you in this matter. If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by phone or email. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team



The Intestine Cleansing Cure is intended to last for 8 weeks and may be done twice per year. 


Supplied products of Intestine Cleansing Cure Course (8 weeks): 

  • 400 g Flora Equilibrium Powder (Psyllium husks, milk thistle husks, Curcuma, cat’s claw, Artemisia annua) 
  • 420 g Zeolite (Clinoptilolite-Zeolite-Powder) 
  • 2x 60g MITO Synbiotics 
  • 2x 100 Pcs. Organic-Multivitamins (propolis, wheatgrass, barley grass, moringa, goji berries)  

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