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100 g Cat's Claw Tea

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100 g Cat's Claw Tea
Level of purity: 100%
Latin name: Una de Gato
Katzenkralle Tee, rein2 - 100 gramm online kaufen

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  • 250 g pure Cat’s Claw Tea


Cat‘s Claw, Una de gato (lat.: uncaria tomentosa) is a South American jungle plant and belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Its trunk can grow up to 100 metres in length and 20 – 30 centimetres in diameter. The plant prefers loose, loamy and nutrient-rich soils. Its name comes from its sickle-shaped prehensile organs, which are situated in the leaf’s axilla.

The Indian people of South America have long used Cat's Claw as a medicinal plant. They use it most notably against inflammations, infections and even cancer. Since it has shown itself effective in all these areas, it is often referred to in these latitudes as the “holy plant of the rainforest”.

What makes the Cat’s Claw so effective?
Cat's Claw contains oxindole alkaloid, which strengthens the white blood cells and thus support the body’s defenses against:  

  • virus infections
  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • and even cancer

Why do we offer Cat’s Claw?
Because we are convinced that Cat’s Claw is a very good supplement to the teasel cure, due to its effects in strengthening the immune system. We also believe that this combination can be highly effective in both the flushing out of and the long-term prevention of borrelia caused by ticks.

For acute illnesses:
Put 2 grams of Cat’s Claw rind in 1 litre boiling water and leave boiling for 5 minutes and then simmer for another 45 minutes. Then take the Cat’s Claw rind out and drink one litre spread throughout the day.

For lighter discomfort and against low immunity
Put 2 grams of Cat’s Claw rind in 1 litre boiling water and leave boiling for 5 minutes;  then simmer for another 15 minutes. Drink 1 litre daily spread throughout the day.

Recommended dosage:

We recommend a consistent dosage over four weeks. Then pause for two weeks, in which time you should be able to feel a clear improvement. This procedure can be repeated over months and even years depending on how the treatment positively effects wellbeing.


  1. An initial worsening after first taking  Cat's Claw is possible. This should not however be viewed negatively because it means that the body is reacting to the treatment. The symptoms will vanish after a short period of time.
  2. Cat’s Claw is not effective for everybody and should not be taken permanently because it will result in habituation.  It is thus important to follow our advice on dosage unless a doctor or an alternative practitioner advises differently, in which case we wouldn’t contradict the recommendation.
  3. Almost no plant achieves a full reaction on its own. Each dosage should be combined with additional substances. There is no guarantee that the taking of Cat’s Claw will cure all troubles. Natural healing processes especially take time and need quiet and connectivity of the body and the plant, so that the human organism can be restrengthened and has a chance to fight against the illness.

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