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25ppm / 500ml Colloidal Silver

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500 ml Colloidal Silver
Latin Name: argentum colloidale
Colloidal Silver  25ppm / 500ml buy online


Colloidal Silver

When we talk about colloidal silver we are of course referring to a colloid. Colloids are small parts or drops which are very finely distributed within a dispersion medium – distilled water in the case of colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is produced by means of electrolysis. Two silver rods are connected to a battery and arranged at a particular distance. One of the rods creates the postivie charge (anode) and the second the minus charge (cathode).

When the power is switched on, the voltage source produces a deficiency of electrons in the anode and an excess of electrons in the cathode. In order to balance the electron deficiency in the anode, postively charged ions run from the cathode to the anode. Through this procedure extremely fine silver particles are dissolved from the silver rod attached to the cathode and are distributed throughout the distilled water. This leads to achieving silver particles which are 2000 times smaller than the smallest bacterium.

It's here that the colloidal silver goes to work. The tiny particles insert themselves into harmful bacteria, viruses or fungi and destroy their genetic material – their vital enzymes. At the same time they dry out the cells of the parasite by increasing the porousness of the cell membranes. For the parasites (bacteria, viruses etc.) this twinned attack makes it impossible for them to build up a successful resistance.

Colloidal silver is recommended for use against flu, colds and other strong infections. Colloidal silver can also be applied to small external injuries in order to assist the healing process. Use of colloidal silver should however always first be discussed with a doctor or homeopathic practictioner.

Rumours have been spread from certain circles that colloidal silver causes a terrible discolouration of the skin, a so-called Argyrie. This Argyrie can be caused by the ingestion of silver salts, however colloidal silver is something different to silver salt: and the amount of roughly 50 micrograms per ingested teaspoon can hardly be enough to supply the many grams needed to produce this Argyrie. One can safely assume that these rumours are unfounded.

Colloidal silver should not be taken preventatively, since it can leave the body too easily through urine and the passing of stools and would thus be ineffective, as it cannot be stored by the body. For this reason colloidal silver is only available for the body's use for a certain length of time.

Colloidal silver can be taken according to ones own dosage, as it is almost impossible to overdose on colloidal silver. We would recommend drinking a glass of colloidal silver three times a day in cases of  acute illness, whereas in the case of chronic sickness we recommend continuing to limit the dosage to one (non-metal) teaspoon three times a day .


About our colloidal silver:

We offer colloidal silver in the highest possible quality at 5 and 20 ppm (parts per million).

Please don't let yourself be concerned by the extremely low ppm count. With colloidal silver, the lower the ppm count, the higher the effectiveness. This is due to the fact that the entire surface size is higher when the particle size is smaller.

It's also the case that the effectiveness of the colloidal silver increases as the entire surface size increases.

At a 10 ppm count with a particle size of 3 to 15 atoms, colloidal silver is not only extremely effective, it is also extremely safe.

Tip: Colloidal silver is also very useful to have with you when travelling, in case of catching a cold or a viral infection. Colloidal silver acts very quickly and can prevent the long-planned holiday from being ruined.

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