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Webshop for organic Wild Teasel Products: Teasel Tinctures, Teasel Root Tea und Teasel Leaves Tea

In this shop, we do not only want to sell you the Teasel Bitters online (on legal grounds we avoid the term „teasel lotion / tincture“) - but also to give you an understanding of the importance of the teasel plant in the past and present. The wild teasel (latin Dipsacus fullonum) which developed from the cell culture of the Indian teasel (latin Dipsacus Sativus) has an ancient significance in the history of healing lyme disease (...). We welcome you to our Teasel website and webshop. Please take your time to browse through our products. If you have any questions, we are
happy to advise you further and in detail at any time.

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme



Our teasel bitters contain 35% of liquer, produced 1:1 out of 1300 ml double-distilled rye-malt in excellent quality to 1000 g wild teasel root. All teasel crop stem from a certified organic field. We completely abstain from using chemicals and other additives during its manufacturing process.

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Annual Wormwood

One year old wormwood (Latin: Artemisia Annua) The one-year-old mugwort is, as the name suggests, a one-year-old plant from the genus Asteraceae. Its distribution area extends from China via North India and Iraq to southern Europe. In southern and central Europe it is considered a neophyte. In Austria and Germany as well as Liechtenstein, its occurrence and appearance is very unstable. In Germany it occurs almost exclusively along the Elbe in annually flushing. The effect of one year old wormwood is mainly known from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He was particularly successful in malaria. According to Eva Dimmendaal, Strongly cleansing blood Highly effective against parasites and co-infective agents Cramp-dissolving Digestive tract.



Books and Guides

You've already heard of teasel treatments, but want to know more? Then carry out the research yourself. Dr. Wolf Dieter Storl provides insights into the effects of teasel and provides interesting tips on holistic treatment.

Medicinal Mushrooms

As the name implies, our vitality mushrooms greatly increase vitality as well as promoting good health. The fact that they're so simple to take makes them a very compelling dietary extension to almost every clinical picture.

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From moringa powder to annual mugwort tincture, we offer various extensions to the teasel cure. We of course apply our usual high standards to our partners who provide those superfood products on offer which we do not produce ourselves.

Our superfood products can be integrated into your daily diet in various ways, ensuring you increased vitality and health.

History of Teasel

In Germany, the era of Teasel started during the time of Hildegard von Bingen. Originally, the plant came from South-East Asia into Europe, Africa and North America.  However, in the 12th century, Teasel started to become known more and more in Germany through revolutionary thinkers within the field of herbal medicine, such as Hildegard von Bingen mentioned above. The plant was used particularly in the  treatment of gout, arthritis, rheumatism, dropsy, digestive and bile problems. Germany was rather a “late bloomer“ regarding Teasel. The Greek doctor Pedanios Dioscurides had already described a healing of a fistula through the use of pickled Teasel in the first century. 
However, over time – the uses for Teasel Root have changed. 
During the time of industrialization in the 18th century, the dried Teasel head was newly reformulated and used to comb and soften wool. This process gradually fell out of favour and chemicals replaced Teasel for industrial processing of wool.   Once it was no longer required by Industry, the plant fell into disuse and became largely unknown. There has now been a resurgence in interest in Teasel Root and Teasel is making a modern-day come-back. Teasel is now enjoying a “medical renaissance” that started at the end of the 20th and continues into today’s 21st century. Teasel has now earned recognition for treatment of skin, digestive and joint problems and has become known especially in its application for post-rehabilitation support for Borreliosis (also known as Borrelia Burgdorferi or Lyme Disease). Combating Borreliosis through Teasel seems to be a much discussed contentious issue. Some celebrate the work and knowledge of Dr. Wolf Dieter Storl.  Others refer to him as an untaught ethno physician. Yet, Dr. Storl successfully combated his own Lyme Disease with a Teasel plant protocol. Up until now, the healing effect of Teasel has not been scientifically proven and it is unclear how the Teasel exactly works in the fight against Borreliosis; but antibiotics have definite shortcomings: antibiotic therapy must be taken long term and healing is not guaranteed.  Antibiotics weaken the body and make it more prone to different kinds of illnesses. Teasel however, strengthens the immune system and helps the body to cast out the spirochete/borrelia.  But more importantly, many patients have found help for Borreliosis with Teasel and are enjoying a return to health.  

Our Motivation

Five years ago we were introduced to Teasel. Since that time we have gained a great deal of experience in its medical use.  The Teasel is a plant with a multitude of possible applications and has earned the reputation for being an important medicinal plant in the field of naturopathy.  It is important for us that the processing of the Teasel plant takes place by natural means only so that Teasel does not become a mass-produced pharmaceutical product. Therefore all our products are produced by hand - and to the greatest possible extent - in keeping with nature. We strive to offer products of high quality. Therefore we obtain our entire crop from bio-certified farmland and use double distilled rye malt in the manufacturing process of the Teasel Bitter. 

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme