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Webshop for organic Wild Teasel Products: Teasel Tinctures, Teasel Root Tea und Teasel Leaves Tea

Our web shop offers a range of wild teasel and Artemisia annua. Our Teasel-Elixirs, Teasel-Root-Teas, and Teasel-Root-Capsules, as well as our Artemisia-annua-Tinctures, Anrtemisia-annua-Teas and Artemisia-annua-Capsules are sown, harvested, and processed by hand. We would like to describe the significance of teasel and Artemisia annua. wild teasel (lat. Dipsacus fullonum) and Artemisia annua have been highly valued throughout history (...).Welcome to our website. Take your time to check out our teasel and Artemisia-annua-Products. If you have any questions or wish to receive further information, we will be happy to offer further assistance.

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme



Our wild teasel products are produced by hand; from the seed in slightly most soil all the way to the little flag label on the bottle. All our teasel plants are grown on certified organic fields in Brandenburg. By using the best ingredients, such as pure alcohol obtained from regional rye, we aim to obtain the highest possible quality for our products. Other teasel products like our teas and capsules are not only characterized by the excellent quality of our plants, but also by our innovative drying process at 30°. All our products are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.

We recommend the following dosage of our Teasel-Elixir: 


Empfehlung zur Dosierung und Einnahme der Karde



Annual Wormwood

Just like our wild teasel all our Artemisia annua (annual wormwood) products are produced and processed by hand. We bring up all our Artemisia annua plants on certified organic field in Brandenburg. By using the best ingredients, such as pure alcohol obtained from regional rye, we aim to obtain the highest possible quality for our products. The tender leaves of our Artemisia annua plants are also dried with the help of our innovative drying procedure before they are processed into wonderful aromatic and tea with its typical strong scent. All our products are vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free. 




Our cure packages are optimized compositions of our products. Every cure course package includes detailed instructions.



Books and Guides

You've already heard of teasel treatments, but want to know more? Then carry out the research yourself. Dr. Wolf Dieter Storl provides insights into the effects of teasel and provides interesting tips on holistic treatment.


Next to our main wild teasel and Artemisia annua products, we also produce elixirs, teas, capsules, powders, and lotions of other special plants. From cat’s claw elixir and Moringa leaves elixir to Cistus (rock rose) capsules, we offer a wide range of natural supplements to our cure course packages. Regarding products we may not produce ourselves, we make sure that our manufacturing partners adhere to the highest possible standards. 

History of Teasel

Wild Teasel

The era of the wild teasel in Germany began with Hildegard of Bingen: 

Teasel plants initially came from South-East-Asia to Europe, Africa, and North America. During the 12th century it became more common in Germany as well. In terms of recognizing teasel, Germany was rather a late bird in Europe. The Greek physician Pedanios Dioscurides already valued teasel in wine or vinegar in the first century. With the industrialization in the 18th century and the improvement of spinning machines, the dried teasel head received a whole new meaning and was now used to comb and soften wool. This era has passed though. Soon chemicals replaced teasel heads and the plant was slowly forgotten. Now it is being rediscovered. Towards the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century it experienced a revival. Luckily! We are frequently receiving feedback from customers who are experiencing a new quality of life thanks to this strong plant. We are very thankful for this feedback. It encourages and motivates us to continue growing and manufacturing our products. 

Our teasels are cultivated on certified organic fields in Brandenburg. Sowing, harvesting and production processes are executed according to the highest quality standards by our trained employees. Teasel roots that are not being processed immediately, are dried slowly at 30°, whilst the humidity is being extracted from the drying room. This careful drying method preserves the active ingredients in the plant.  

Artemisia annua (annual wormwood)

In Asia, the positive effects of Artemisia annua (annual wormwood) were already known 2000 years ago. This plant with its aromatic scent may be found in all warm areas of Eurasia. In Germany, it may be found along the river Elbe. Artemisia annua is rich in bittern, which makes it inedible for its natural enemies. These useful bitter substances are highly beneficial to us, whilst ensuring their evolutional self-preservation at the same time. Meanwhile, Artemisia annua has become very popular. Here too, we are frequently receiving feedback of people who have been experiencing the beneficial effects of the plant.  

According to the findings of the cultural anthropologist, Dr. Wolf-Dieter Storl, wild teasel, Artemisia annua and cat’s claw form a highly effective triangle. Their active ingredients supplement and support each other in an excellent way. Therefore, these three plants form the core of our cure packages. 

In order to guarantee the highest quality, we obtain our Artemisia annua from certified organic fields in Brandenburg. Sowing, harvesting, and processing stays in our hands at all times – the best way to guarantee excellent quality. 

By immediately processing harvested plants and slowly drying them at 30°, all active ingredients are preserved. This procedure forms the basis for our Artemisia-annua-Capsules, Tinctures, as well as our aromatic and bitter Artemisia-annua-Tea.

Our Motivation

Five years ago we were introduced to Teasel. Since that time we have gained a great deal of experience in its medical use.  The Teasel is a plant with a multitude of possible applications and has earned the reputation for being an important medicinal plant in the field of naturopathy.  It is important for us that the processing of the Teasel plant takes place by natural means only so that Teasel does not become a mass-produced pharmaceutical product. Therefore all our products are produced by hand - and to the greatest possible extent - in keeping with nature. We strive to offer products of high quality. Therefore we obtain our entire crop from bio-certified farmland and use double distilled rye malt in the manufacturing process of the Teasel Bitter. 

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme

Wild Teasel Online Shop: Teasel Root Tea and Bitters against Lyme