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100g Jiaogulan Tea

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100 gr Jiaogulan Leafes for Tea

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  • Jiaogulan Tea 100gr



The plant of eternal life and one of the most important medicinal plants of recent years.
Jiaogulan – or Gymnosemma pentaphyllum – is currently being used to treat a range of ailments and complaints, cancer among them.
Examing the ingredients of the Jiaogulan plant, we find that it's the presence of glycoside in particular which bears such a similarity to ginseng. Ginseng has of course been well known for some time for its huge range of medicinal application. This is mainly due to its high glycoside content. Jiaogulan on the other hand contains some four times as much glycoside as ginseng. Other ingredients include for example saponine gypenoside and gynosaponin, the main ingredient of ginseng ginsenosid, as well as a number of vitamins, minerals and polysaccharide.

The number of extremely effective ingredients which it contains makes the use of the Jiaogulan herb pertinent for almost all ailments. For example it helps to instil calmness at times of overexcitement and it also refreshes when tired. It is the saponin which is to thank for this unnusual effecct. Saponin is used in the body for the synthesis of hormones and helps the body to achieve a balanced hormonal level. (By the way there is also three times as much saponin in the plant as in ginseng!).
There are no side effects at all and for this reason it may be regularly taken (except for during particular sicknesses).
Because of this we see the Jiaogulan herb as an interesting addition to our product range, as a good hormonal balance is an important cornerstone for a healthy and happy life.

Jiaogulan is usually used as an infusion, but can also be ingested in its natural form.

We recommend preparing the infusion as follows: Pour one litre of boiling water into a teapot, allow it to cool for one minute and then add one tablespoon of dried leaves. Allow the infusion then to draw for three minutes.

The infusion has an extremely light and fine taste, and so it is recommended to add a little ginger or  stinging nettle.

The calming effect of the infusion normally takes place very quickly.

Disclaimer: By law we only sell Jiaogulan as

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