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1,01 fl oz Teasel - Tincture Bitters

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Quick Overview

Our Wild Teasel Elixirs are liqueurs with an alcohol content of 35%. Our elixirs are produced with a mixture ratio of 1:1 (1300 ml purest regional rye alcohol (alc. 96% vol.) (+distilled water) of excellent quality with 1000 g wild teasel roots). To ensure the highest quality, our teasel plants are cultivated on certified organic fields in Brandenburg. Sowing, harvesting and production processes are executed according to the highest standards by our trained employees. We refrain from adding chemicals throughout all our manufacturing processes. Teasel Root Tea & Tincture (Herbal Extract) is widely used to help symptoms of lyme disease.

Karde Kräuterbitter 30ml


Wild Teasel (Dipsacus follum L., Dipsacus sylvestris HUDS.)  

Wild Teasel or common teasel belongs to the family of honeysuckle plants (Caprifoliaceae), more specifically to the subfamily of teasel plants (Dipsacoideae). Although their inflorescence may seem like that of thistles (sunflower family, lat. Asteraceae), the development of teasels and thistles took place separately. The clustering of several single blossoms into one flower head (pseudanthium) appears to have the evolutional purpose to enhance the interaction with specific insects. 

Wild teasels are herbaceous biennial plants. During their first year they grow strong rosettes and develop a bulbous root. In the second year the plant may grow up to reach 200 cm. Leaves grow out of the stem and connate to form a cup-like basin, also referred to as Venus’s basin. These basins may hold water and serve as water source for birds and insects. It is this water supplying characteristic that has served as eponym for the teasel plant (Dipsacus, dipsa; Greek for thirst). The water of Venus’s basins is also commonly referred to as beauty water. (If you are interested in this special water, please do not hesitate to contact us.) During summer, the teasel develops spadices. Small flowers grow circularly around the flower head to form beautiful blooming rings in a bright purple color. 

 The cultural development of the human being is closely related to the knowledge of the effects and powers of plants and herbs. Humans have been gathering this knowledge over thousands of years and passed it on from one generation to another. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team wants to be a part of this transfer of knowledge to preserve this heritage. European regulations prohibit that we inform our customers on all aspects and effects of our products. Therefore, we would like to ask you to also search the internet and scientific literature to obtain a full picture of mother nature’s healing powers. Your naturopath will surely be happy to assist you in this matter. If you should have further questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us by phone or email. Your Kasimir und Liselotte Team

 Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage (1 tsp  approx. 5ml) during cure procedure: 

Take one teaspoon of Teasel-Elixir without water. Frequency: Three times per day. Keep the elixir in your mouth for a moment before swallowing. We recommend taking the elixir with every meal. Recommended dosage after cure procedure: 

After a cure course of 8 to 12 weeks, we recommend continuing using Teasel Elixir or Teasel Tea in a low dosage. One table spoon per day is recommended. 


Ingredients: distilled water, purest regional rye alcohol (alc. 96% vol.), fresh teasel root* 

*grown on own controlled agriculture 


Ingredients of wild teasel: iridoids (pseudoindicans), saponins, caffeic acid derivates, potassium salt, inulin, bittern, glycoside (scabioside)


Energy value per 100ml: 942kJ/225kcal 

Energy value per serving (1 tsp ≙ 5ml): 47,1kJ/11,25kcal 


Contains minor amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, salt. 

Keep out of reach of children.

 Q&As about the effect, intake, ingredients and tincture preparation

Which ingredient of the teasel is powerful in the fight against borrelia? 
This question remains unanswered up to now, but to get a gist of how teasel works, one has to look at the mode of functioning of the plant and its ingredients, such as glycoside scabiosid, terpene, caffeic acid, organic acid, glycoside and saponine. Let's have a look at the most important facts of the borrelia that protect it from our immune system and the antibiotic treatment: The outer cell wall consists of a layer of surface proteins and is therefore very slimy which makes it invisible to anti-bodies and scavenger cells. Due to their spiral formed body, the bacteria cells can screw themselves through every body tissue and are able to hide everywhere. They can survive without any nutrients for a period of several months and prolong the cleavage process for weeks. This is where the karde comes into action. The plant acts vitalising, diuretic, diaphoretic and strenghtnes the immune system. These characteristics help to drive the spirochetal bacteria from the genus Borrelia out of their ambush and expel them from our body through sweat, urin and solid faeces.

When should the teasel be applied? 
According to wikipedia, the wilde teasel can help soothe and nurse liver and stomach problems, small wounds, fissure, verruca, jaundice, hordeolum, syrinx, tetter, abscess of the nails.

How do I use the teasel bitter? 
We recommend to dilute the chosen dosage per intake with 100 ml water or tea. For example, if you decide to take 3 x 1 table spoon teasel bitter a day, you add 1 table spoon teasel bitter to 100 ml of water.

What do we use to produce the teasel bitter? 
Our wild teasel bitter stems exclusively from unencumbered certified organic home grown plants. This makes it easier for us to keep up our high quality standard. We use high quality double-distilled grain liquor for the refining process of the wild teasel. We entirely abstain from using chemicals and other additives.

How long can the teasel tea and teasel bitter be stored?
If closed, the tinkture can be used for at lest 2 years (even if it has been opend once). The tea can be used at least for one year.

What is the best way of storing the products? 
The liquer should be kept away from direct sun light and stored at approximatley 25°C room temperature.
We recommend to store the tea in a dry place.

Which starting solution do we use? 
We use 1200 ml double-distilled grain liquor for 1000 g wild teasel root. We exclusively use teasel root, because only the root contains the amount of the desired content.

Are the expenses covered by the health insurance? 
„Teasel tinkture“ is no authorised medicament, so therefore, unfortunately not!

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