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Purging Plus of Heavy Metals

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This health package by Kasimir&Lieselotte contains the following products:

  • 1x 500 gr Chlorella Powder

  • 2x 100 ml Coriander Tincture

  • 2x 100 ml Ramson Tincture

Schwermetallausleitung und Entfiftung nach Dr. Klinghardt

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Purging of Heavy Metals - Dr. Klinghardt

We live in an era of technology, advancements, overproduction and an appalling waste of resources. We're also subject to a plethora of external influences. These include our smartphones, commercials, the internet or even the noises which surround us. It is no longer disputable that such stimulation can have adverse effects on our physical and mental well-being. Some have especially dangerous consequences. These can permeate our body without our knowing and weaken our constitution. In particular, we are addressing the contamination of our groceries and foodstuffs with heavy metals. Once these heavy metals begin to accumulate within the body, a number of threatening illnesses can follow.

Which metals in particular are involved, and how do they affect the body?

Lead, cadmium and mercury are particularly common and dangerous heavy metals. For adults, up to 10% of lead from the intestines is absorbed through the bloodstream and into organs such as the kidneys and liver. The other 90% is deposited mainly in the bones and teeth. The process of natural degradation of these metals is slow. Elevated lead levels can severely damage the nervous system and hematopoietic system in particular. This can result in anaemia and an overall decrease of physical performance.

Thirty years ago, Doctor Blumer in Switzerland established the link between cancer deaths and exposure to lead after noticing a 700% increase in the former for residents living near the main road. At this point in time, lead was still prevalent in car exhaust fumes. Accordingly, he began to treat some of his patients using detoxification and toxin removal procedures. Patients who underwent these procedures were found 90% less likely to develop cancer than those who did not, showing empirically the value of such treatments in cancer prevention.

Cadmium builds up mainly in the kidneys, but can also be deposited in the liver, bones, thyroid gland and other organs. Due to the wide distribution of the metal, organs are often affected badly. An accumulation of cadmium can be detected by disruptions in the function of the kidneys. Mercury is also very harmful. Its intake comes mainly through the consumption of fish and seafood. Due to its nature, mercury passes easily through the blood-brain barrier and the placenta. As the result, the heavy metal can easily begin to accumulate in the major organs such as the nervous system, kidneys, brain and spinal cord. The consequences of increased mercury levels concern developmental and behavioural disorders as well as general disorders of the nervous system.

Other heavy metals such as aluminium are particularly harmful as they cannot leave the body through natural processes. The aluminium accumulates in major organs and interferes with the transferring of information between cells. Over time, this can lead to the development of serious complications such as cancer or Alzheimer's disease.
Of all heavy metal contamination, mercury poisoning occurs most often. One cause of this is from the use of amalgam dental fillings, which may contain additional heavy metals such as tin or copper. Environmental factors also contribute to the extent of lead and cadmium pollution. This can arise from occupational hazards such as the use of lindane or other pesticides in gardening, or with formaldehyde which is used to treat wood. It is has been medically proven that areas of the body where heavy metals accumulate will eventually begin to show chronic symptoms.

Heavy metals in the body act primarily as catalysts. They promote oxidation which encourages dangerous free radicals to emerge from otherwise healthy cell molecules. These free radicals displace minerals and other elements from their enzyme sites, leading to a block in metabolism. A shortage of affected minerals such as zinc and magnesium in the body will manifest in various deficiency symptoms.

Chronic metal contamination can also change the structure of proteins in the body, leading to a higher risk of infection, hypersensitivity and auto-immune diseases. Due to their oxidation properties, heavy metals can also turn fats within the body rancid. As fats compose an important part of every cell wall, the intercellular transport of nutrients and the disposal of waste products may be disrupted. In addition, free radicals can cause cell and tissue damage, inflammation and also speed the ageing processes. Chronic metal contamination can also develop in the tissue of bones, teeth, hair and organs. This is not detectable through blood analysis, which is the conventional method of diagnosis. When several cases of contamination arise simultaneously, this causes an intensification of their effects. As a result, it is important to take the sum total of the effects into consideration and not just that of a specific contamination.

How can I tell if my body is contaminated by heavy metals?

Unlike conventional medicine, natural medicine has lower values for what constitutes a dangerous amount of metal contamination. As heavy metal pollution is not always clinically detectable, it is recommended to pay attention to one's body. An initial symptom may be, for example, the experiencing of chronic discomfort for no apparent reason. Specific symptoms related to heavy metal pollution may not be immediately apparent. Medical tests can confirm instances of contamination. We recommend visiting a naturopath or trusted doctor who has both the necessary expertise and equipment.

What should I do if elevated levels of heavy metals are found in my body?

There are a number of different approaches in conventional medicine which have been designed for this purpose. These are generally applied only in cases of acute and serious contamination, such as by lead. Should this be the case with you, consult a doctor immediately.
Our heavy metal detoxification package was developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and based on naturopathic medical findings. It includes an entire range of different agents which work in perfect harmony to systematically expunge heavy metals from the body. However, this process is very time consuming. A quick detoxification method however, is not recommended as it can often trigger severe symptoms of poisoning. As a result, we advise you to use a cure based on coriander, wild garlic and chlorella. This risks comparatively few side effects.

Why are we offering a heavy metal detox package?

For a sustainable recovery -  aftercare is an essential phase of any treatment. It is almost always worthwhile to undertake such a treatment, as it is practically impossible to stay away from all sources of contamination. The effects of the detox may contribute to an increase in general well being, as well as higher concentration and a more robust constitution.

Should you have any questions about the use of our products.
We include a card with directions in each package. You are also welcome to contact us within office hours by telephone. Email or mail enquiries will be answered as soon as possible.

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