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Erntevideo Einjähriger Beifuß

Sunday, 17 January 2016 21:27:30 Europe/Berlin

Liebe Kunden, 

hier ein kleiner Einblick in die Einjähriger Beifuß Ernte 2015.

Viel Spaß beim Schauen!

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Comments | Posted By Markus Gürtler

Lyme Disease

Sunday, 8 September 2013 10:37:14 Europe/Berlin

Borreliosis – THE epidemic of the moment. When it comes to this insidious disease conventional medicine hits its limits. Antibiotics for example have to be taken in large quantites and chances of success are still not guaranteed. This is due to the fact that the spirochetes, incidentally very similar in form to the Syphillus pathogens, separate very occasionally, while because of their spiral shape they can „hide“ themselves easily in the cell walls of the human body. The teasel's active ingredients chase the borreliosis out of their hiding places and flush them out of the body through the body's pores, as teasel possesses extremly diaphoretic, diuretic and purgingproperties.

Some six years ago the ethno physician Wolf Dieter Storl came across teasel, a plant native to China. The plant has been used for hundreds of years against complaints ranging from jaundice, liver problems, stomach problems, light wounds, styes, fistulas and ulcers all the way through to eczema. Today the plant is well known for its effects against borreliosis and the commonly resulting rheumatism! As a healing plant teasel has great potential. Through the immune system-strengthening properties of its bitter components, scabioside, glucoside, saponine and caffeic acid connections, teasel is an almost universal natural remedy! And you can purchase teasel liquer and teasel tea at www.kasimirlieselotte.de. The teasel that is used comes from a certified organic field and all products such as teasel root tea, teasel leaf tea and teasel tincture are processed by hand and without chemicals or additives using high quality grain liquor.

0 Comments | Posted By Markus Gürtler